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Although Jodi Nath has helped clients buy and sell fabulous apartments throughout New York City, including Manhattan’s Upper East and West Sides, the lion’s share of her business remains routed in Queens, where she was born and raised. A top producer in Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Rego Park and Briarwood, the Bayside native describes her primary purview as “Queens Boulevard, East to West and back” — and loves every block of it!

With more than 15 years of experience with Argo Residential, Nath has cultivated a significant network of industry colleagues that include fellow agents, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers and lenders who work together to expedite deals and help the process move more smoothly.

The consummate professional, Nath is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York and such other realtor associations as NYSAR, MANAR and LIBOR. Yet with all her experience and success, Argo represents her first and only position in real estate. Prior to becoming an agent, she was an account executive for a high-end cosmetics firm that took her all over the world. It was her husband, an Account Executive for one of the country’s leading residential portfolios, who suggested Nath try her hand at real estate and in 1996, introduced her to Argo’s Karen Berman, Vice President, Director of Sales.

This mother of an active pre-teen and lifelong Queens resident has been a PTA President for the past three years and currently sits on the Executive Board for middle schools in Queens. She was also on the Community District Education Council and is on the Board of Directors for Quality and Ruskin Apartments Corp. Nath originally intended to be a reporter, having graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in communications, but found her true calling in real estate.

Current Listings

For Sale

99-60 63rd Road Property Image

99-60 63rd Road Apt. 3-A

Rego Park | QN
1 Br 1 Bth Co-op
Post-War Full-Time Doorman
140-21 Burden Crescent Property Image
Contract Signed

140-21 Burden Crescent Apt. 306

Briarwood | QN
1 Br 1 Bth Co-op
Post-War Video Intercom
123-40 83rd Avenue Property Image

123-40 83rd Avenue Apt. 4-H

Kew Gardens | QN
2 Br 2 Bth Co-op
Post-War Part-Time Doorman
105-25 67th Road Property Image

105-25 67th Road Apt. 2-E

Forest Hills | QN
3 Br 2 Bth Co-op
Post-War Voice Intercom

    Buildings For Sale

    160-02 84th Avenue Property Image

    160-02 84th Avenue

    Kew Gardens | QN
    4 Br 1.5 Bth Single Family
    66-54 Booth Street Property Image

    66-54 Booth Street

    Forest Hills
    3 Br 2 Bth Single Family

      For Rent

      66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Property Image

      66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt. 5-A

      Forest Hills | QN
      1 Br 1 Bth Co-op
      Post-War Voice Intercom
      83-80 118th Street Property Image

      83-80 118th Street Apt. 5-F

      Kew Gardens | QN
      0 Br 1 Bth Co-op
      Pre-War Voice Intercom

        Past Transactions


        TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2D$1,500N/A
        Rental123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 5-K$1,350N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 5-C$1,500N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 10-B$2,400N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 15-D$2,400N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-A$2,100N/A
        Rental105-25 67th Road Apt: 1-G$1,725N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-H$1,700N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 6-L$2,000N/A
        Rental140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 506$1,650N/A
        Rental139-09 84th Drive Apt: 303$1,950N/A
        Rental65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-H$1,750N/A
        Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 5-E$1,750N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 10-E$2,200N/A
        Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 6-D$2,100N/A
        Rental105-20 66th Road Apt: 6-C$1,500N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-A$2,000N/A
        Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-C$1,550N/A
        Rental140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 204$1,600N/A
        Rental67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-B$2,200N/A
        Rental67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-C$1,400N/A
        Rental66-34 108th Street Apt: 5-F$1,700N/A
        Rental67-07 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-G$1,600N/A
        Rental65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-C$1,450N/A
        Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-D$1,600N/A
        Rental66-40 108th Street Apt: 4-C$1,350N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 12-B$2,200N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 11-F$1,650N/A
        Rental67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-C$1,400N/A
        Rental105-25 67th Road Apt: 6-G$1,800N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 6-F$1,750N/A
        Rental83-80 118th Street Apt: 2-M$1,650N/A
        Rental66-33 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-D$1,675N/A
        Rental66-40 108th Street Apt: 5-F$1,650N/A
        Rental67-07 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-B$2,050N/A
        Rental67-10 108th Street Apt: 5-G$1,700N/A
        Rental67-14 108th Street Apt: 3-C$1,400N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 10-N$2,000N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 6-K$2,000N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-G$1,600N/A
        Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 1-B$2,950N/A
        Rental105-28 65th Avenue Apt: 6-F$1,550N/A
        Rental139-09 84th Drive Apt: 407$1,700N/A
        Rental105-25 67th Road Apt: 5-E$3,000N/A
        Rental139-09 84th Drive Apt: 102$1,400N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 7-E$2,100N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-C$1,700N/A
        Rental105-28 65th Avenue Apt: 6-C$1,400N/A
        Rental66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-E$2,200N/A
        Rental98-41 64th Road Apt: GE$1,550N/A
        Rental67-07 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-D$1,550N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-A$2,000N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 14-F$1,750N/A
        Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-B$1,600N/A
        Rental140-35 Burden Crescent Apt: 506$1,700N/A
        Rental105-25 67th Avenue Apt: 3-D$1,650N/A
        Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 1-C$1,600N/A
        Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-A$2,400N/A
        Rental105-20 66th Road Apt: 4-E$1,900N/A
        Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 6-A$2,100N/A
        Rental105-33 66th Avenue Apt: 5-F$1,650N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 4-G$1,900N/A
        Rental65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-E$1,700N/A
        Rental66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-G$1,800N/A
        Rental65-45 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-F$1,650N/A
        Rental66-33 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-G$1,800N/A
        Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-H$1,650N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-B$1,750N/A
        Rental105-25 67th Road Apt: 1-H$1,600N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 5-E$2,200N/A
        Rental105-34 65th Avenue Apt: 1-C$1,400N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 7-N$1,900N/A
        Rental105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 2-F$1,625N/A
        Rental66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-D$1,775N/A
        Rental67-07 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-A$2,400N/A
        Rental105-28 65th Avenue Apt: 6-D$1,650N/A
        Rental66-33 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-E$2,100N/A
        Rental66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-F$1,650N/A
        Rental84-35 Lander Street Apt: 5-K$1,350N/A
        Rental66-34 108th Street Apt: 5-B$2,400N/A
        Rental105-33 66th Avenue Apt: 3-D$1,725N/A
        Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-B$1,550N/A
        Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 4-B$1,650N/A
        Rental111-24 66th Avenue Apt: 2-A$1,650N/A
        Rental69-40 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 411$2,200N/A
        Rental83-80 118th Street Apt: 3-K$1,500N/A
        Rental66-34 108th Street Apt: 2-C$1,500N/A
        Rental67-14 108th Street Apt: 6-G$1,800N/A
        Rental105-34 65th Road Apt: 2-F$1,750N/A
        Rental140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 108$1,200N/A
        Rental65-45 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-B$1,750N/A
        Rental65-45 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-A$1,750N/A
        Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 15-K$2,450N/A
        Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-E$1,750N/A
        Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 5-D$2,300N/A
        Rental65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-F$1,875N/A
        Rental139-09 84th Drive Apt: 310$2,100N/A
        Rental66-34 108th Street Apt: 1-A$1,750N/A
        Rental105-25 67th Avenue Apt: 1-G$1,750N/A
        Rental67-07 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-E$2,100N/A



        TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
        Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 401$148,000N/A
        Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 11-M$155,00011-26-2019
        Sale67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-D$158,00006-14-2017
        Sale105-25 67th Avenue Apt: 5-C$164,00009-29-2017
        Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 6-M$165,00002-17-2017
        Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 604$165,00012-11-2017
        Sale140-35 Burden Crescent Apt: 403$165,00004-16-2019
        Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 505$179,00007-12-2006
        Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 6D$180,000N/A
        Sale83-55 Lefferts Boulevard Apt: 6-D$180,00001-30-2020
        Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 5-C$185,000N/A
        Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 6-A$185,000N/A
        Sale140-18 Burden Crescent Apt: 207$188,00011-08-2017
        Sale140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 208$198,000N/A
        Sale139-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 222$215,60011-12-2019
        Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 502$218,88809-03-2019
        Sale65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-A$220,00003-15-2017
        Sale65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-C$220,00002-24-2017
        Sale140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 604$228,00010-30-2019
        Sale65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-D$250,000N/A
        Sale65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-B$250,000N/A
        Sale139-21 85th Drive Apt: 4-A$258,00010-09-2017
        Sale66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-F$268,00006-30-2017
        Sale139-21 85th Drive Apt: 2-F$275,00005-24-2018
        Sale67-14 108th Street Apt: 1-A$278,00011-28-2017
        Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 2-E$288,00002-14-2017
        Sale65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-H$289,00005-23-2017
        Sale67-40 Booth Street Apt: 4-C$289,00001-23-2018
        Sale67-10 108th Street Apt: 1-D$289,000N/A
        Sale67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-F$299,00003-27-2018
        Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 6-F$299,000N/A
        Sale65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-C$300,00011-25-2019
        Sale67-14 108th Street Apt: 6-A$303,88801-26-2018
        Sale105-25 67th Road Apt: 5-G$305,00006-04-2019
        Sale66-33 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-F$306,00008-06-2019
        Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 5-J$310,00009-16-2019
        Sale65-45 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-D$315,00005-22-2019
        Sale105-28 65th Avenue Apt: 4-A$318,000N/A
        Sale66-34 108th Street Apt: 4-F$330,00005-14-2014
        Sale105-25 67th Avenue Apt: 4-G$330,000N/A
        Sale105-28 65th Avenue Apt: 1-D$335,000N/A
        Sale65-35 108th Street Apt: E-12$355,000N/A
        Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 5-A$355,00005-14-2019
        Sale66-34 108th Street Apt: 5-A$360,00003-06-2019
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 14-F$388,00006-08-2017
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 9-C$399,000N/A
        Sale67-40 Booth Street Apt: 5-E$425,00004-23-2014
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 4-M$428,00012-07-2017
        Sale85-04 63rd Drive Apt: 3-E$428,00002-15-2017
        Sale65-45 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-E$438,000N/A
        Sale65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-A$438,00002-26-2018
        Sale66-33 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-E$439,000N/A
        Sale105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 6-D$460,000N/A
        Sale515 East 88th Street Apt: 5-L$485,00002-15-2017
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 8-K$485,00008-02-2017
        Sale67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-B$485,67605-21-2019
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 11-N$488,00002-22-2017
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 11-L$499,000N/A
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 8-E$518,000N/A
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 10-N$521,000N/A
        Sale105-20 66th Road Apt: 3-D$525,000N/A
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 9-J$628,00003-28-2018
        Sale68-10 108th Street Apt: 6-F$688,00010-06-2017
        Sale105-20 66th Road Apt: 5-AB$699,00003-15-2017
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 5-O$788,88801-23-2018
        Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 9-H$796,000N/A



        TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
        Sale160-02 84th Avenue $499,00004-28-2005
        Sale66-54 Booth Street $579,00007-01-2005

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