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TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2D$1,500N/A
Rental243 West End Avenue Apt: 703$2,300N/A
Rental243 West End Avenue Apt: 1402$2,500N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 3-C$2,200N/A
Rental123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 5-K$1,350N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 4-A$3,800N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 3-A$3,750N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 6-A$3,750N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 5-C$1,500N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 15-H$2,950N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 10-C$4,695N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 10-B$2,400N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 15-D$2,400N/A
Rental201 West 85th Street Apt: 15-D$3,550N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 8-D$3,250N/A
Rental508 West End Avenue Apt: 5-B$2,600N/A
Rental697 West End Avenue Apt: 6-C$7,700N/A
Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-A$2,100N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 5-H$3,100N/A
Rental105-25 67th Road Apt: 1-G$1,725N/A
Rental697 West End Avenue Apt: 13-C$7,300N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 2-EN$2,850N/A
Rental201 West 85th Street Apt: 4-C$3,450N/A
Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-H$1,700N/A
Rental200 East 17th Street Apt: L-A$3,100N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 6-L$2,000N/A
Rental697 West End Avenue Apt: 6-D$3,450N/A
Rental697 West End Avenue Apt: 7-E$5,000N/A
Rental697 West End Avenue Apt: 4-F$3,450N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 7-C$4,700N/A
Rental69 Fifth Avenue Apt: 12-C$2,700N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 4-A$6,000N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 8-B$6,500N/A
Rental9 West 69th Street Apt: PF$2,850N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 4-C$4,800N/A
Rental697 West End Avenue Apt: 8-D$3,450N/A
Rental201 West 85th Street Apt: 6-D$3,450N/A
Rental28 South Oxford Street Apt: 5$4,600N/A
Rental201 West 85th Street Apt: 8-C$3,400N/A
Rental140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 506$1,650N/A
Rental234 West 21st Street Apt: 65$3,950N/A
Rental139 West 69th Street Apt: 6$2,200N/A
Rental697 West End Avenue Apt: 5-B$6,000N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 7-F$3,100N/A
Rental201 West 85th Street Apt: 15-E$3,550N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 15-L$7,500N/A
Rental139-09 84th Drive Apt: 303$1,950N/A
Rental65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-H$1,750N/A
Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 5-E$1,750N/A
Rental137 West 69th Street Apt: 4$3,415N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 16-E$5,460N/A
Rental217 Bowery Apt: 5-B$3,400N/A
Rental137 West 69th Street Apt: 8$2,395N/A
Rental201 West 85th Street Apt: 14-A$5,100N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 10-E$2,200N/A
Rental35-48 75th Street Apt: 4-G$1,925N/A
Rental105-21 66th Avenue Apt: 6-D$2,100N/A
Rental105-20 66th Road Apt: 6-C$1,500N/A
Rental141 West 69th Street Apt: 3$2,300N/A
Rental65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-A$2,000N/A
Rental141 West 69th Street Apt: 4$2,250N/A
Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-C$1,550N/A
Rental140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 204$1,600N/A
Rental201 West 85th Street Apt: 7-A$5,300N/A
Rental67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-B$2,200N/A
Rental67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-C$1,400N/A
Rental66-34 108th Street Apt: 5-F$1,700N/A
Rental122 West Street Apt: 3-M$3,095N/A
Rental200 East 17th Street Apt: 1-B$3,400N/A
Rental67-07 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-G$1,600N/A
Rental69 Fifth Avenue Apt: 8-B$3,295N/A
Rental65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-C$1,450N/A
Rental65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-D$1,600N/A
Rental210 West 101st Street Apt: 3-H$3,006N/A
Rental66-40 108th Street Apt: 4-C$1,350N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 12-B$2,200N/A
Rental562 West End Avenue Apt: 9-E$2,550N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 11-F$1,650N/A
Rental67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-C$1,400N/A
Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 1-J$1,800N/A
Rental105-25 67th Road Apt: 6-G$1,800N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 6-F$1,750N/A
Rental83-80 118th Street Apt: 2-M$1,650N/A
Rental135-24 Hoover Avenue Apt: 3-E$1,400N/A
Rental65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 1-C$1,500N/A
Rental65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 2-O$1,725N/A
Rental102 Havemeyer Street Apt: 3-B$3,850N/A
Rental135-30 82nd Drive Apt: 3-C$1,525N/A
Rental66-33 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-D$1,675N/A
Rental69 Fifth Avenue Apt: 11-C$3,000N/A
Rental135-34 82nd Avenue Apt: 5-C$1,525N/A
Rental137-01 83rd Avenue Apt: 2-E$1,550N/A
Rental66-40 108th Street Apt: 5-F$1,650N/A
Rental67-07 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-B$2,050N/A
Rental35-40 75th Street Apt: 3-E$1,800N/A
Rental67-10 108th Street Apt: 5-G$1,700N/A
Rental67-14 108th Street Apt: 3-C$1,400N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 10-N$2,000N/A
Rental217 Bowery Apt: 3-A$4,750N/A
Rental62-54 97th Place Apt: 6-K$2,000N/A



TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
Sale5700 Arlington Avenue Apt: 10-P$126,00009-20-2017
Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 401$148,000N/A
Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 11-M$155,00011-26-2019
Sale67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-D$158,00006-14-2017
Sale105-25 67th Avenue Apt: 5-C$164,00009-29-2017
Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 6-M$165,00002-17-2017
Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 604$165,00012-11-2017
Sale140-35 Burden Crescent Apt: 403$165,00004-16-2019
Sale5800 Arlington Avenue Apt: 4-A$170,00011-10-2017
Sale5700 Arlington Avenue Apt: 11-N$178,00012-11-2019
Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 505$179,00007-12-2006
Sale5900 Arlington Avenue Apt: 18-R$180,00008-02-2017
Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 6D$180,000N/A
Sale5900 Arlington Avenue Apt: 10-P$180,00001-07-2020
Sale83-55 Lefferts Boulevard Apt: 6-D$180,00001-30-2020
Sale5900 Arlington Avenue Apt: 17-O$185,00012-01-2017
Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 5-C$185,000N/A
Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 6-A$185,000N/A
Sale140-18 Burden Crescent Apt: 207$188,00011-08-2017
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 1-P$189,00007-07-2017
Sale140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 208$198,000N/A
Sale5800 Arlington Avenue Apt: 12-A$205,00008-19-2016
Sale4901 Henry Hudson Parkway West Apt: 10-B$205,00012-11-2017
Sale5700 Arlington Avenue Apt: 8-A$215,00006-27-2017
Sale139-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 222$215,60011-12-2019
Sale139-09 84th Drive Apt: 502$218,88809-03-2019
Sale65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-A$220,00003-15-2017
Sale65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-C$220,00002-24-2017
Sale99-60 63rd Road Apt: 1-R$225,00010-05-2017
Sale140-21 Burden Crescent Apt: 604$228,00010-30-2019
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 2-P$229,00006-14-2019
Sale88-09 35th Avenue Apt: 6-O$239,00011-16-2017
Sale90-59 56th Avenue Apt: 8-G$239,00011-16-2017
Sale5700 Arlington Avenue Apt: 16-F$245,00004-05-2017
Sale4901 Henry Hudson Parkway West Apt: 2-H$245,000N/A
Sale81-05 35th Avenue Apt: 6-H$249,000N/A
Sale65-05 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-D$250,000N/A
Sale65-35 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 2-B$250,000N/A
Sale5800 Arlington Avenue Apt: 2-F$255,00007-19-2017
Sale474 West 238th Street Apt: 5-G$255,00010-08-2019
Sale139-21 85th Drive Apt: 4-A$258,00010-09-2017
Sale66-37 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 6-F$268,00006-30-2017
Sale5700 Arlington Avenue Apt: 5-S$270,00008-20-2019
Sale139-21 85th Drive Apt: 2-F$275,00005-24-2018
Sale67-14 108th Street Apt: 1-A$278,00011-28-2017
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 5-F$279,00002-17-2017
Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 2-E$288,00002-14-2017
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 4-X$289,00002-03-2017
Sale65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-H$289,00005-23-2017
Sale67-40 Booth Street Apt: 4-C$289,00001-23-2018
Sale67-10 108th Street Apt: 1-D$289,000N/A
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 3-R$298,000N/A
Sale92-30 56th Avenue Apt: 1-M$299,00012-26-2017
Sale67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 3-F$299,00003-27-2018
Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 6-F$299,000N/A
Sale65-15 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 4-C$300,00011-25-2019
Sale67-14 108th Street Apt: 6-A$303,88801-26-2018
Sale105-25 67th Road Apt: 5-G$305,00006-04-2019
Sale66-33 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 1-F$306,00008-06-2019
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 6-B$309,00002-27-2018
Sale123-40 83rd Avenue Apt: 5-J$310,00009-16-2019
Sale65-45 Yellowstone Boulevard Apt: 5-D$315,00005-22-2019
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 3-A$316,500N/A
Sale105-28 65th Avenue Apt: 4-A$318,000N/A
Sale25-18 Union Street Apt: 6-G$319,00008-09-2017
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 5-J$320,000N/A
Sale66-34 108th Street Apt: 4-F$330,00005-14-2014
Sale105-25 67th Avenue Apt: 4-G$330,000N/A
Sale105-28 65th Avenue Apt: 1-D$335,000N/A
Sale5900 Arlington Avenue Apt: 8-V$338,00001-25-2018
Sale39-55 51st Street Apt: 1-F$339,000N/A
Sale39-65 51st Street Apt: 1-G$339,00010-12-2017
Sale39-55 51st Street Apt: 5-C$339,00012-07-2017
Sale65-35 108th Street Apt: E-12$355,000N/A
Sale105-24 67th Avenue Apt: 5-A$355,00005-14-2019
Sale35-48 75th Street Apt: 1-B$357,50009-20-2019
Sale35-50 75th Street Apt: 2-C$360,00006-28-2016
Sale66-34 108th Street Apt: 5-A$360,00003-06-2019
Sale35-38 75th Street Apt: 5-B$360,00009-23-2019
Sale65-65 Wetherole Street Apt: 3-S$361,724N/A
Sale35-44 75th Street Apt: 2-A$385,000N/A
Sale243 West End Avenue Apt: 1607$387,00001-11-2018
Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 14-F$388,00006-08-2017
Sale39-50 52nd Street Apt: 3-B$389,00006-25-2019
Sale334 West 17th Street Apt: BW$389,000N/A
Sale5700 Arlington Avenue Apt: ST-G$391,50007-12-2018
Sale304 West 75th Street Apt: 17-D$397,50007-29-2019
Sale61-25 97th Street Apt: 12-J$399,00002-03-2017
Sale92-30 56th Avenue Apt: 6-L$399,00010-31-2017
Sale5700 Arlington Avenue Apt: 5-V$399,00003-26-2018
Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 9-C$399,000N/A
Sale243 West End Avenue Apt: 911$400,00006-04-2019
Sale5900 Arlington Avenue Apt: 9-V$415,000N/A
Sale243 West End Avenue Apt: 1610$418,00011-14-2019
Sale153 Bennett Avenue Apt: 3-G$420,00003-29-2019
Sale143 Bennett Avenue Apt: 2-J$422,00006-20-2019
Sale67-40 Booth Street Apt: 5-E$425,00004-23-2014
Sale62-54 97th Place Apt: 4-M$428,00012-07-2017
Sale85-04 63rd Drive Apt: 3-E$428,00002-15-2017
Sale5800 Arlington Avenue Apt: 11-W$435,000N/A



TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
Sale74 Pershing Avenue $489,00012-22-2016
Sale160-02 84th Avenue $499,00004-28-2005
Sale66-54 Booth Street $579,00007-01-2005
Sale81-09 30th Avenue $790,000N/A
Sale23-15 124th Street $1,199,000N/A
Sale63-30 Alderton Street $1,288,00003-22-2017
Sale154A Diamond Street $1,559,00006-11-2019

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