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Jorge Mejia knows Queens and he knows about selling. The 20-year resident of Jackson Heights specializes in Queens rentals and co-ops and has an intimate knowledge of the borough’s diverse neighborhoods. Before joining Argo Residential, he was a salesperson in the jewelry business, a position where knowing the wants and desires of the buyer is of utmost importance. To this, he brings a gentlemanly approach as a consummate salesperson making it extremely easy for him to relate to clients and provide unparalleled personal service.

Jorge also has experience in co-ops having served on the board of his for five years. This experience gave him insight into the board approval process, the management of properties and how to analyze the financial security of a building. Jorge is bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

Current Listings

For Sale

35-38 75th Street Property Image

35-38 75th Street Apt. 3-F

Jackson Heights | QN
0 Br 1 Bth Co-op
Post-War Voice Intercom
92-30 56th Avenue Property Image

92-30 56th Avenue Apt. 3-H

Elmhurst | QN
1 Br 1 Bth Co-op
Post-War Voice Intercom

    Buildings For Sale

    81-09 30th Avenue Property Image

    81-09 30th Avenue

    Woodside | QN
    3 Br 1.5 Bth Single Family
    Post-War None
    23-15 124th Street Property Image

    23-15 124th Street

    College Point | QN
    0 Br 0 Bth Multi-Family
    Pre-War None

      For Rent

      137-05 83rd Avenue Property Image

      137-05 83rd Avenue Apt. 5-H

      Briarwood | QN
      1 Br 1 Bth Rental Property
      Post-War Voice Intercom
      82-45 135th Street Property Image

      82-45 135th Street Apt. 5-H

      Briarwood | QN
      1 Br 1 Bth Rental Property
      Post-War Voice Intercom
      137-05 83rd Avenue Property Image

      137-05 83rd Avenue Apt. 2-H

      Briarwood | QN
      1 Br 1 Bth Rental Property
      Post-War Voice Intercom

        Past Transactions


        TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
        Rental35-48 75th Street Apt: 4-G$1,925N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 1-J$1,800N/A
        Rental135-24 Hoover Avenue Apt: 3-E$1,400N/A
        Rental135-30 82nd Drive Apt: 3-C$1,525N/A
        Rental135-34 82nd Avenue Apt: 5-C$1,525N/A
        Rental137-01 83rd Avenue Apt: 2-E$1,550N/A
        Rental35-40 75th Street Apt: 3-E$1,800N/A
        Rental35-50 75th Street Apt: 2-D$1,750N/A
        Rental135-09 83rd Avenue Apt: 1-A$1,775N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 3-M$1,525N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 5-N$1,700N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 6-P$1,550N/A
        Rental82-41 135th Street Apt: 5-J$1,550N/A
        Rental137-01 83rd Avenue Apt: 3-X$1,525N/A
        Rental135-05 Hoover Avenue Apt: 1-B$1,225N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 4-R$1,550N/A
        Rental82-08 135th Street Apt: 5-J$1,550N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 3-U$1,650N/A
        Rental135-24 Hoover Avenue Apt: 6-E$1,250N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 1-W$1,525N/A
        Rental135-09 83rd Avenue Apt: 3-H$1,250N/A
        Rental135-30 82nd Drive Apt: 3-L$1,525N/A
        Rental135-30 82nd Drive Apt: 4-F$1,525N/A
        Rental135-30 82nd Drive Apt: 2-N$1,550N/A
        Rental135-09 83rd Avenue Apt: 6-D$1,525N/A
        Rental82-08 135th Street Apt: 4-G$1,550N/A
        Rental137-01 83rd Avenue Apt: 6-J$1,550N/A
        Rental135-05 Hoover Avenue Apt: 2-B$1,250N/A
        Rental82-41 135th Street Apt: 5-B$1,550N/A
        Rental82-30 138th Street Apt: 6-E$1,250N/A
        Rental135-25 Hoover Avenue Apt: 3-L$1,550N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 5-K$1,525N/A
        Rental35-40 75th Street Apt: 6-E$1,800N/A
        Rental137-01 83rd Avenue Apt: 4-V$1,550N/A
        Rental82-05 134th Street Apt: 4-H$1,500N/A
        Rental35-38 75th Street Apt: 2-D$1,800N/A
        Rental82-08 135th Street Apt: 6-F$1,550N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 3-T$1,550N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 2-P$1,550N/A
        Rental35-38 75th Street Apt: 6-F$1,300N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 4-V$1,525N/A
        Rental137-01 83rd Avenue Apt: 4-C$1,525N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 6-U$1,525N/A
        Rental35-44 75th Street Apt: 5-E$1,850N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 2-D$1,525N/A
        Rental82-15 134th Street Apt: 5-D$1,525N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 6-V$1,600N/A
        Rental35-50 75th Street Apt: 6-G$2,200N/A
        Rental135-30 82nd Drive Apt: 3-M$1,600N/A
        Rental82-48 135th Street Apt: 1-J$1,750N/A
        Rental82-30 138th Street Apt: 6-K$1,350N/A
        Rental35-44 75th Street Apt: 3-B$1,950N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 4-M$1,650N/A
        Rental82-41 135th Street Apt: 3-L$1,700N/A
        Rental135-30 82nd Drive Apt: 4-E$1,700N/A
        Rental82-05 134th Street Apt: 6-H$1,750N/A
        Rental135-25 Hoover Avenue Apt: 4-N$1,675N/A
        Rental35-44 75th Street Apt: 5-A$1,850N/A
        Rental135-24 Hoover Avenue Apt: 4-L$1,750N/A
        Rental82-15 134th Street Apt: 5-B$1,750N/A
        Rental82-46 135th Street Apt: 2-Y$1,695N/A
        Rental135-15 83rd Avenue Apt: 3-P$1,695N/A



        TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
        Sale88-09 35th Avenue Apt: 6-O$239,00011-16-2017
        Sale90-59 56th Avenue Apt: 8-G$239,00011-16-2017
        Sale81-05 35th Avenue Apt: 6-H$249,000N/A
        Sale92-30 56th Avenue Apt: 1-M$299,00012-26-2017
        Sale25-18 Union Street Apt: 6-G$319,00008-09-2017
        Sale35-48 75th Street Apt: 1-B$357,50009-20-2019
        Sale35-50 75th Street Apt: 2-C$360,00006-28-2016
        Sale35-38 75th Street Apt: 5-B$360,00009-23-2019
        Sale35-44 75th Street Apt: 2-A$385,000N/A
        Sale92-30 56th Avenue Apt: 6-L$399,00010-31-2017
        Sale35-50 75th Street Apt: 4-A$439,00005-07-2018
        Sale92-30 56th Avenue Apt: 2-N$469,00004-14-2017



        TypeAddressPriceDate Sold
        Sale81-09 30th Avenue $790,000N/A
        Sale23-15 124th Street $1,199,000N/A

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