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Ron moved to Argo Real Estate after several years at some of Manhattan’s top brokerages where he came to specialize in selling condos and coops across Manhattan. He also has an affinity for educating and guiding first-time home buyers through the process of their first big purchase.

Ron became involved in real estate after purchasing a three-bedroom fixer-upper in his south Louisiana hometown. After doing much of the labor and interior design himself, he put it back on the market. The experience was thrilling, giving him a new appreciation for not only construction but also design, and sparking his foray into the world of real estate. He hasn’t lost that sense of hard work, dedication, and attention to detail that made his first real estate experience such a success.

A background in graphic and web design have sharpened Ron’s eye, uniquely positioning him as an asset for his clients in finding the home that is most comfortable and striking to them. “Client satisfaction is the number one goal,” he says. “With my designer’s eye, I am uniquely able to assist clients in seeing the potential of any home they walk into.”

He lives with his husband in Hudson Heights, a neighborhood he loves for its quietude and beauty. “You feel like you’ve left the city without leaving Manhattan,” he says. Ron graduated from Northwestern State University with a Bachelor of Arts, and in his free time enjoys cooking and seeing theatre.


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ronald and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. He is extremely knowledgeable about all the facets of New York real estate which is its own special beast. He has a personal and deeply committed approach to each client, going above and beyond at every step to close the deal. He also carries with him a sophistication and charm that I was proud to have representing me, which is especially useful since deals can get delicate. He navigated a complicated sale with me and I’m very pleased with the result. He also helped me find a renter for my apartment and was as excellent in rentals as sales. Thank you Ronald!”

-Krysta Rodriquez, Seller

We interviewed 4 agent/agent teams to head up the sale of our apartment and Ron gave us the impression of being calm, organized, knowledgable, easy to work with and tech savvy. After closing on our apartment, I’m happy to report he is all those things, and completely exceeded our expectations. He  brought a well-researched point of view to the table, and I felt he really considered the details of our home and represented it well without being overbearing to potential buyers. He was also very open to our wishes in choosing a listing strategy, and didn’t pressure us in anyway. He has all the hustle you want in an agent in the NY market while remaining polished, respectful and extremely easy to work with. His level of responsiveness was also excellent, and though he had several listings at the time I always felt like ours was priority one. The deal went incredibly smoothly, and I think Ron was a huge part of that — highly recommend this agent. We’ve moved out of the city, but I wish we could use him for our next home purchase.”

-Chris & Kathryn, Sellers

“Ron is an exceptional realtor. He made my first home purchase a breeze and found the Coop of my dreams. Being an extremely picky buyer, I found Ron to be immensely patient and cooperative which was very imporant to me as a first-time buyer. Ron’s knowledge and experience give him a competitive edge that any buyer would be lucky to have.”

-John Riso, Buyer

“I am a handful…picky, particular, etc. Ron put up with me and more. He’s quick and great at what he does. He was willing to travel anywhere to help me find the right place. And…I did.”

-Wade Dooley, Buyer

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697 West End Avenue Property Image

697 West End Avenue Apt. 2-C

Upper West Side | NY
3 Br 2.5 Bth Rental Property
Pre-War Attended Lobby

    Past Transactions

    310 West 52nd Street #28B $1,905,000 100 West 58th Street #4D $4,250,000
    424 West 49th Street #6A $1,400,000 215 West 98th Street, 12C $2,149,000
    310 West 52nd Street #18A $1,325,000 421 West 54th Street #5G $1,912,500
    310 West 52nd Street #4G $1,095,000 310 West 52nd Street #28B $1,905,000
    310 West 52nd Street #3E $925,000 247 West 46th Street #1801 $1,515,000
    424 West 49th Street #4B $790,000 51 West 131st Street #1G $690,000
    75 Wall Street #24L $739,000 345 East 69th St #8G $637,000
    66 Overlook Terrace #2N $500,000 250 West 75th Street #1B $490,000
    335 West 21st Street #2RE $460,000 225 Adams Street #11G $440,000
    225 Adams Street #11G $440,000 77 Park Terrace East #D78 $402,500
    143-53 Bennett Ave #3G $420,000 400 Lincoln Place #5B $365,000
    143-53 Bennett Ave #6H $289,000 143-53 Bennett Avenue #2S $265,000
        35-50 82nd Street #3D $152,550
        462 Shadelee, Livingston Manor, NY $135,900
    104 West 70th Street #2A 310 West 52nd Street #3G
    143-53 Bennett Ave #4G 310 West 52nd Street #4A
    143-53 Bennett Ave #6C 310 West 52nd Street #3E
    212 East 70th Street #2D 310 West 52nd Street #9D
    247 West 46th Street #303 310 West 52nd Street #16H
    247 West 46th Street #803 310 West 52nd Street #23B
    247 West 46th Street #3403 310 West 52nd Street #24A
    249 East 49th Street #9A 310 West 52nd Street #37C
    300 East 64th Street #7G 310 West 52nd Street #37J
    301 West 57th Street#17G 310 West 52nd Street #40A
    301 West 57th Street #24E 310 West 52nd Street TH2
    335 West 21st Street #2RE 462 West 58th Street #8B
    99 East 4th Street #6H 99 East 4th Street #6H
    1600 Broadway #PH6C  
    1600 Broadway  #8G  

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